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We can supply a variety of coal, wood and coconut shell standard and customised grades of steam activated carbon for different applications. The majority of our carbon is produced in our Indonesian factories from naturally grown coconut shells. These are not only superior for adsorption of pollutants due to their extremely high porosity, but also by far the Eco-friendliest raw material for activated carbon, utilising what would otherwise be a waste product and as such minimizing the need for felling trees.

Activated Carbon
Granular Activated Carbon Competitive Advantages

Competitive Advantages

  • We can do Private Label on demand, and we offer many types of Standard Filters.
  • Our products are Continuously Tested and Certified by independent test laboratories.
  • Fully Control the Quality of the Activated Carbon Media used in our Filters, and we customise it to the Filter’s specific use.
Customised Solution

Standard and Customised Activated Carbon Media and Filters

We manufacture our activated carbon and filters in a wide range of standard sizes and specifications. However, very often special needs arise and we are the experts in providing customised solutions to meet each specific need.

A Flexible and Streamlined manufacturing enables us to supply any quantity of activated carbon and filters as required by our customers.

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