About Cocarb

Cocarb is an activated carbon company, with expertise and commitment to produce superior quality steam activated carbons products, ranging from different grades of granular to various filters, as well as customized products. We do private label and special packaging.

Cocarb is a joint venture established in 2013 with PT. Tanso Putra Asia with production plants in Sumatra and Java Indonesia. Together we have more than 20 years of experience and knowhow in producing steam activated carbon for the global carbon industry. Our aim is to grow together and enlarge our product portfolio with more products related to activated carbon.

Customer focus and communication is important for us. We develop new innovative solutions together with our customers. We take pride in producing carbon in an environmentally friendly way. Carefully steamed activated coconut charcoal is the greener way to activated carbon.We bring the best value with our carbon products, to your life and business.


Cocarb for Air and GasWe provide a range of activated coconut carbon solutions for effective air and gas purifications. Our carbons have extensively  developed  micro  porous  structure, and they are particularly designed for the adsorption of low molecular weight compounds present in low concentrations in air or gas. Cocarbs products are cost effective while protecting us and the environment.

Cocarb for Water TreatmentActivated coconut carbon is the best choice for water purification used in activated carbon filters, whether it is for large activated carbon filters used in commercial water treatment systems, or small activated carbon filters used in households. The benefits you can find in our products are maximum contaminant loading, high adsorption capacity, clean handling of filters and minimum product degradation giving low pressure drop. Pure water is essential and we make it possible.

Cocarb for Gold RecoveryThe mining industry needs reliable high quality products and Cocarb is a trusted partner. Our activated carbons are used for the recovery of gold and other precious metals. Our Coconut shell based activated carbon granules are very hard, free of platelets and with large pore volume. This gives rapid adsorption and maximum gold loading. Contact us today and ask our specialists for more information.

Cocarb for Petroleum IndustriesCarbons play a major role worldwide in purifying air. Our activated carbons are used in a wide selection of processes related to the petroleum and gas industry. They cover areas like compensated water purification, natural gas purification and the filtrations of pollutants (such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic compounds and heavy metals) released during by-product refining and the combustion of fossil fuels.

Cocarb for Food and BeverageWe manufacture products that ensure quality and safety are kept optimal, throughout the processes in food and beverage industry. The water will be pure all the way from the treatment station to the consumer. This is very important for beverages industry and other companies with water filtration processes in their production stage. Our products are tested and certified to meet highest standards. Our carbons are trusted tools in the processes of delivering consistent, high quality results.

Cocarb for ChemicalsThe activated carbon is used to reduce impurities such as color contents or small volume of by-products in the solutions in pharmaceutical, oleo chemicals and other chemical industries. We have standard carbons and we have the knowhow to customized solutions to provide the perfect catalyst carrier. Coconut activated carbon are often chosen due to their greater inner surface, optimal pore structure, low attrition, high density and purity.