Cocarb Liquid Pro

Activated Carbon Forms - Liquid

For Liquid Phase Applications

Our granular activated carbon is manufactured by steam activation from carefully selected coconut shell charcoal. Like vapour phase applications it is also suited to use in liquid phase applications, such as water purification, steam condensation and purification in beverages, industrial water or liquid.

Our activated carbon is equally effective for the adsorption of high molecular weight compounds present both in water and other liquids.

Key features and benefits:

  • High activity and density
  • Optimized pore structure
  • Exceptional hardness and strength
  • Rigorously de dusted
  • Maximum contaminant loading
  • High adsorption capacity
  • Clean handling of filter/absorbed filling
  • Minimum product degradation giving consistent pressure drop


Our standards packing sizes for activated carbon media are 25 kg bags and 500 kg big bags. Filters are packed individually or in sets depending on their size with an outer case and an inner plastic wrap to ensure maximum protection and durability. We also offer filter packaging as private label for distributors.

Our Testing Procedures

Our products are continuously tested and certified by independent test laboratories (NSF®, PZH Atest Hygienic, Ifanca Halal Test). We produce our carbon to be compatible with different standards (NSF®, ASTM, JIS).

Private Label Packaging

Activated Carbon Types

Our steam activated carbons are based on three different types of raw-material: Wood, coal and coconut shells, each with its unique benefits and applications.

Activated Carbon Types - Wood

Wood Based Activated Carbon

Highly versatile in removing a wide range of pollutants, wood based carbons have a high porosity.

  • A relatively low density
  • A renewable source of raw material

Coal Based Activated Carbon

With their high density and large pore volume resulting in high surface areas, coal based carbon provides very high adsorption characteristics with a wide range of applications.

  • A consistent density
  • A hard material with minimal dust generation
  • Economical in use
Activated Carbon Types - Coal
Activated Carbon Types - Coconut

Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon

Characterised by their highly porous structure and massive internal surface area, very high hardness and low dust, coconut shell based carbons provide maximum adsorption levels for virtually any air/gas and water treatment applications.

An added benefit is that coconut shells are considered a waste product from coconut oil production and therefore have minimal impact on the ecology – as such, steam activated coconut shell based carbon is by far the eco-friendliest type of activated carbon.

  • A very large surface area characterized by a large proportion of micropores
  • An extreme hardness with low dust generation
  • A high purity, with mostly no more than 3-5% ash content
  • A renewable and green raw material

Activated Carbon Forms

There are three basic forms of activated carbonn both standard and customised versions:

  • Activated Carbon Powder
  • Activated Carbon Granulate
  • Activated Carbon Pellets