Activated Carbon by Cocarb

Activated Carbon

Activated carbons are broadly used in many different applications world wide and are widely known as renewable sources of green filtration agents. The  trends of today lead us to be environmentally responsible and carbon is a natural pure resource used to achieve a cleaner environment. We manufacture and supply different grades of activated carbons. Our products has been thoroughly tested and the certificated by many independent test laboratories (NSF® , PZH Atest Hygienic, ASTM, Ifanca Halal Test, and AWWA) We are ready to help you with your carbon needs. Contact us today.

Carbon Filters by CocarbCarbon Filters

We manufacture many types of durable standard filters, high performance in-line filters and customized private label filters for many different type of applications. We produce and control the quality of the media that is used in our filters. Our R&D team is ready to support you with your special needs. Our filters do and will contribute to make a difference in protecting humans, equipment and processes from harmful particles, impurities and gases. Cocarb is an activated carbon company. Our products lead the way to pure performance and best results.