Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon are broadly used in many different applications worldwide. Trends of today lead us to be environmentally responsible and coconut carbon is a natural pure resource to achieve a cleaner environment.

Our carefully steam activated carbons produced from coconut shells have a tighter, more micro porous pore structure than their coal-based counterparts. Coconut shell-based carbons tend to be harder, more resistant to abrasion, and lower in ash compared to other types of carbons. The porous material acts like a sponge for different types of organic and inorganic pollutants. It is widely known as renewable and best source of green filtration agent that has diverse utility and purposes.

Granulated activated charcoal is preferred for adsorption of all types of gases and vapors, as their rates of diffusion are faster. Another function is for water treatment, by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and semi-VOCs, dechlorination, total organic carbon (TOC) reduction, colour removal, taste and odour removal and reverse osmosis pre-treatment. 

Activated Carbon by Cocarb

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What is Activated Carbon?

Activated charcoal is very cost-effective concerning its high effectiveness on relieving gastrointestinal problems, adsorbing pollutants and toxins from our body. The quality and functions of activated carbon vary according to its based materials. Find yourself a trusted activated carbon supplier today that gives consistent high level of porosity. 

The size of activated carbon depends on the type of applications. Cocarb as an activated carbon producer and supplier has its own coconut plantation, which provides a wide range of product sizes. Customers can also request their own size. We provide granular activated carbon, and powered activated carbon that made from sustainable coconut shells. Join us and cultivate the carbon industry together!

  • Kesehatan : karbon kami dapat menyerap racun dari tubuh
  • Filter Udara : struktur mikro karbon kami telah secara ekstensif dikembangkan, dan mereka khusus dirancang untuk adsorpsi senyawa dengan berat molekul rendah yang disajikan dalam konsentrasi rendah dari udara atau gas.

    • Filter Air : Membersihkan air untuk konsumsi kita sehari-hari
    • Laboratorium : karbon kami digunakan untuk mengurangi kotoran seperti isi warna atau volume kecil oleh produk farmasi
    • Makanan & Minuman : Produk kami diuji dan disertifikasi untuk memenuhi standar tertinggi. Karbon kami dipercaya sebagai alat proses pemurnian makanan dan minuman.
    • Minyak & Gas : Karbon aktif kami digunakan dalam berbagai pilihan proses yang terkait dengan industri minyak dan gas
    • Pertambangan : karbon kami menyediakan kemampuan penyerapan diandalkan untuk industri pertambangan.

      Kami siap untuk produksi karbon aktif dalam jumlah besar. Hubungi kami .