Vapour Phase Activated Charcoal

Cocarb AirPro 

Our AirPro activated carbon is manufactured by steam activation and is ideally suited to be used in many vapor phase applications to remove contaminants from air and gases, such as for solvent recovery, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) adsorption in air treatment processes, purification of industrial and natural gas concentrations. 

In this granular or pelleted form, the activated carbon is usually packed into a device (filter, vessel etc) where the contaminates in the gas stream will be processed for purification.  In the adsorption process, molecules that are contaminated in the gas will be attracted and accumulate on the surface of the activated carbon. Not all activated carbons are suitable for vapor phase adsorption processes. Some of the physical characteristics that will affect the activated carbon’s working capacity, are the base material, pore size and distribution, particle size, activation temperature and activation method.

Vapour Phase Activated Charcoal

Sizes :

Size (USS) Available particle sizes (mm) Oversize maximum (%) Undersize maximum (%)
3 x 6 3.36 – 6.30 5 4
4 x 8 2.36 – 4.75 5 4
6 x 12 1.70 – 3.36 5 4

Applications :

  • Copier paper (methylene chloride)
  • Solvent degreasing (trichloroethylene)
  • Adhesive tape (hexane)
  • Wallpaper production (pentane)
  • Fresh air intake systems
  • Natural gas purification
  • Pressure swing adsorption units
  • Comfort air systems (HEVAC)
  • Catalyst applications (COCL2)
  • Cellophane products (THF/toluene)
  • Medical dressing (THF)
  • Aluminium foil (ethyl acetate)
  • Gold purification (cyanide solution)
Specifications :

Parameter Unit Value Test method
Butane activity % 23 – 26 ASTM D5742
Surface area m2 g-1 1100 BET N2
Apparent density kg m-3 460 – 520 ASTM D2854
Moisture content – as packed % Max 5 ASTM D2867
Ash content % Max 3 ASTM D2866
Ignition temperature ° C 350 ASTM D3466
Ball-pan hardness number % 98 ASTM D3802