Standard Filters

Carbon air filter systems are not only powerful pollutant removers; they are also used in air purifiers as the most effective odor removers. In addition to odor removal, carbon filters can get rid of pesticides and chlorine, because they act as high absorbent sponges. The filters are also powerful in keeping substances and they do not allow the pollutants back into the air, eliminating contamination.

Generally, the more activated carbon the filter has, the longer it will last. When absorption occurs to the point that there is no longer any surface left, then the filter must be replaced. Air purifiers with granulated carbon, instead of carbon pads, has more surface are and that makes the filter last longer.

Our standard cylindrical activated carbon filters  comes in the most commonly used sizes. The cylinder is 145 mm in diameter and available in four lengths: 250, 290, 400 and 600 mm. The bed depth is available in 20 mm and 26 mm. The media can be fully adapted to your current needs and our filters are easy to install and replace.

Specifications :

Model Dimension
Ø x L mm Bed Depth mm
C26 – 001 145 x 600 26
C26 – 002 145 x 450 26
C26 – 003 145 x 250 26
C20 – 001 145 x 290 20