Who We Are

Activated Carbon Filter for Water Treatment

Call Us the Carbon People: Ambitious Activated Carbon Manufacturer and Global Supplier

Cocarb is specialized in producing superior quality steam activated carbon and a variety of activated carbon filters, with full focus on competitive pricing and the highest possible degree of ECO-friendliness within all our product lines.

As part of Longhi Group we have a long, combined experience in the carbonized charcoal industry, with production plants in Sumatra, Sulawesi and Java, Indonesia. Our distributors and agents are available in Europe, Asia, Pacific, the Middle East and America.

From Activated Carbon Media to Filters

Our main production takes place in Indonesia where we have integrated development and manufacturing of both activated carbon media and filters. The synergy between these two sides of activated carbon production ensures that we have full control of every aspect within the process. This guarantees the highest quality of both media and filters.


A Streamlined Production

Our factories and R&D-department have European management and focus on ensuring a streamlined, hassle free process from receiving the order and throughout production until the product is ready to be delivered.

One of our strengths is that we can produce special, customised filters in smaller batches. We can do private label on demand, and we offer many types of standard filters.