A Superior, Green Alternative to Regular Wood Charcoal and Fossilised Coal


Our Winning Combination


Our factories and R&D-departments have European management and focus on ensuring a streamlined, hassle-free process from order reception and throughout production until product delivery. This includes all procedural steps from design/engineering to actual production, storage and distribution.

Cocarb Solution currently employs 80+ people. The physical production of our carbon and our filters takes place at different plants. However, synergy between these two sides of production ensures that we have full control of every aspect within the process to the great benefit of both our carbon and filter customers.

Scenes from manufacturing and storage of carbon and carbon filters.


Our Products Are Continuously Tested, Approved and Certified by Independent, International Test Laboratories

Inside Out

Our test equipment is regularly calibrated by approved and certified institutions to ensure constant accuracy. Continuous testing furthermore guarantees that our products live up to their high standard – every time.

Our activated carbon is continuously tested and certified by independent test laboratories (NSF®, PZH Atest Hygienic, Ifanca Halal Test). We produce our carbon to be compatible with several standards (NSF®, ASTM, JIS). NSF Certified.

ISO 9001/14001 certified.

All our products are produced according to several standards.
Also compliance to
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


The Secret behind Our Consistent Quality: QC Performed at Every Batch – Several Times Daily

Ensuring Consistent Quality

Selection and constant QC of the best components are among the pillars of our extremely high product quality. Our in-house lab performs continuous, daily tests of raw materials.

Performing 100% QC of each batch and component are an integral part of our manufacturing process on all levels from processing to delivery.

In this regard it is our clients’ and own best guarantee for maintaining our well-know quality consistently and continuously.

Ongoing quality control is a major part of our manufacturing process – of both our activated carbon and carbon filters.


High-Quality Packaging Setting Our Customers Apart from Their Competitors

Packaging for Diverse Markets

Our activated carbons and filters are available in a variety of standard sized bags and boxes.

Cocarb counts among its customers the largest brands in both Europe, Middle East, America and Australia as well as a host of smaller brands many of which are market leaders within their regions.


We offer several flexible design solutions:

Use Your Own Brand: Packaging can be delivered containing your own brand graphics. We supply neutral packaging design files for further work by your own graphic designer or advertising agency.

Use our in-house brand: We offer our in-house brand free-of-charge.

Packaging and Print: We supply packaging as bags and boxes. We use recycled materials in our paper bags and boxes. We use recyclable PE-plastic for our plastic bags. We offer high quality offset print.

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