The Causes and Effects of Air Pollution - Not all people are aware of how bad air pollution really is. We can however establish that air pollution is causing the deaths of 4.6 million people worldwide each year based on statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO).
Water Pollution: How to Reduce Water Pollution? - Pollution in our oceans have huge impact in the declining water quality and making it poisonous to humans or other living beings. As water is one of the biggest natural resources, we have for both people and the environment, we should do all in our power to protect it. Here you can learn more about water pollution and what you can do to prevent it.
STEAM ACTIVATED CARBON: THE TYPES AND THE USES OF ACTIVATED CARBON - Activated Carbon is also known as Activated Charcoal and is used to purify liquids and gases in a variety of applications. Activated carbon is produced from carbonaceous source materials such as coconuts, nutshells, coal, peal and wood.

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