Activated Carbon Filter

Standard and Customised Solutions to Deliver the Results

We produce a multitude of durable standard-sized cylinder and box filters, high performance in-line filters and customised filters for various applications.

As a manufacturer of both activated carbon media and filters we fully control the quality of the activated carbon media used in our filters, and we customise it to the filters’ specific use.

We supply the most commonly used filters as standard and always have a stock of these available, but our specialty is that we are experts in manufacturing customised filters according to the specifications of our customer.

Granular Activated Carbon by Cocarb Solution

Carbon Filter Types

Cocarb’s modular cylinder, box and custom shaped sorbent filters serve as adsorbent for various gaseous and liquid contaminants and are made to fit most type of extractor fans and mounting frames. The filters are evenly filled with high quality virgin activated carbon media, which is especially useful for a broad range of contaminants.

The filter construction is robust and rapid bayonet fittings make them easy to install, without any special tools. We produce all vital parts ourselves, including activated carbon from coconut charcoal. Beside the standard sizes, we can design and manufacture any special size and activated carbon media to suit customer specifications.

Key features and benefits:

  • Media of high quality activated carbon
  • Complete full range of filters – standard and customised
  • Reliable performance and proven high adsorption capacity
  • Air/liquid-tight construction, modular and flexible assembly
  • Variety of carbon grades available
  • Maximum media utilization for longer lifetime of sorbent charge
  • Longer life cycle operating and lower maintenance costs (LLC)


Our standards packing sizes for activated carbon media are 25 kg bags and 500 kg big bags. Filters are packed individually or in sets depending on their size with an outer case and an inner plastic wrap to ensure maximum protection and durability. We also offer filter packaging as private label for distributors.

Our Testing Procedures

Our products are continuously tested and certified by independent test laboratories (NSF®, PZH Atest Hygienic, Ifanca Halal Test). We produce our carbon to be compatible with different standards (NSF®, ASTM, JIS).

Private Label Packaging