Steam Activated Carbon Media without Chemicals

We supply a variety of wood, coal and coconut shell standard and customised grades of steam activated carbon for different applications.

Aside from their ecological quality, coconut shells have extremely high porosity attributing to their strong adsorption capabilities.

All our steam activated carbon is available as powder, granulate and pellets and can be customised to meet specific application specifications.


Wood, Coal and Coconut Shells. Each with Unique Benefits

Wood Based Activated Carbon

Highly versatile in removing a wide range of pollutants with its high porosity.

  • A relatively low density
  • A renewable source of raw material

Coal Based Activated Carbon

Provides high adsorption with its high density and large pore volume.

  • A consistent density
  • A hard material with minimal dust generation
  • Economical in use

Coconut Shell Based Activated Carbon

Characterised by its highly porous structure and massive internal surface area. Coconut shell-based carbons provide maximum adsorption for virtually any air/gas and water treatment application. By far the eco-friendliest type of activated carbon.

  • A very large surface area characterised by a large proportion of micropores
  • An extreme hardness with low dust generation.
  • A high purity, mostly with no more than 3-5% ash content.
  • A renewable and green raw material.

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